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Why Us

Hans Media is a professional web design and media company in Montreal. We design web sites in Chinese, English, as well as French. Our services are mostly provided to  small and medium businesses in Montreal and area.

We provide series of services including Web Design, Logo Design, Flash Design, E-Catalogue Design, Borchure Design, Packaging Design, Website related software developement, Web Site Maintenance, Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and so on.

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In addition, we also provide related services like Photograph Design and Redesign, E-Commerce, Advertisement Creation, Information Technology Consulting to help you reach your website related objectives.

Our mission is to deliver high-value Internet solutions tailored to each client's unique business needs and target market. We have dedicated ourselves to building long-term relationships with our clients through quality service and timely support.


Hansmedia has professional and technical skills to help your website or webpage to appear higher in the list of organic search results on popular search engines like Bing™, Yahoo!® and Google™.

We guarentee the rank you required, and promise the money back if there is no rank.

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